We live in a macro driven world while as investors our micro moves determine our outcomes. You have to consider the major macro trends, how they may affect your existing strategies – negatively and positively – as well as identifying the probable paths ahead and then position accordingly.

It takes imagination to perceive broad systemic risks and opportunities, hence human minds are still required at the top level. However, it has been well said that a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention amongst humans, with that in mind we turn to the powers of AI and Big Data analysis to effectively turn macro trends into micro moves. These tools can process much more data and effectively screen and identify opportunities across the giant universe of global financial markets.

Once the opportunities have been identified, specific investment strategies can be devised, implemented and managed – here again the capacity to stay unemotional, focused 24/7/365 and always rules driven gives the algo-driven approach an edge. At The Strategic Funds we focus on blending these two elements for superior outcomes.

The Strategic Global Cross-Asset Fund.


The Fund focuses on exploiting cross-asset opportunities at the intersection of multiple long-term trends, a move to real assets, currency debasement, and the adoption of digital assets.

The Fund seeks to exploit niche bearish and bullish opportunities across the equity, commodity, crypto, rates, FX, and volatility sectors while balancing relative exposures between the available sources of return to reduce realized volatility and smooth the overall investor experience. The strategy combines active alpha-seeking strategies at different time frames in liquid, exchange traded markets with a strategic exposure to cross-asset alpha sources designed to benefit from volatility in the markets and act as a source of crisis alpha.

This fund will be open to outside Accredited Investors in Q3 2021. Please Contact Us for more information and to register your interest.

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