Jacob ShapiroGlobal Macro Adviser

    Jacob is a geopolitical analyst with over 10 years of experience providing clients with the context, foresight, and extensive analysis they need to solve for the unknown and enhance their understanding of global and regional affairs. He is the founder and chief strategist of Perch Perspectives, a human-centric business and political consulting firm that applies geopolitical expertise to business strategy for Fortune 500 companies and governments. Formerly, he was the director of analysis at Geopolitical Futures and a Middle East analyst at the global intelligence firm Stratfor. A loyal student of history and geography, Jacob wields both in order to empower his clients to make accurate, informed decisions and gain a more holistic view of the events and issues that impact them. Jacob always maintains a distinctly global focus in his work, but he also has extensive experience tackling problems in supply chain, agriculture, technology, and energy markets.  He is available for conversations with clients and interested parties on global macro trends and how they can best deploy the Strategic Funds’ sets of strategies to protect and optimize their broader investment portfolios and navigate the ever-changing global landscape.

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