The Strategic Bear Fund

There is an edge to be found on the short side…

At The Strategic Funds we take the All-Weather Approach and work both on the long and the short side. We are about investment performance first and asset gathering last. Our mission is to identify distinct strategies that are uncorrelated with major market indexes; to create asymmetrical opportunities.

We work via a process-driven framework, ideas are generated, models are designed and expanded, then rigorously tested and gradually integrated into our investment solutions.

We are currently working on a number of short strategies with the aim of providing comprehensive hedging solutions for traditional long only portfolios as well as the potential for pure alpha generation via targeted short strategies looking for hubris and malinvestment, flawed companies in flawed industries as well as outright fraud. As always, our approach is active, algorithmic and with a focus on risk management. These strategies will be offered to Accredited Investors ONLY via our upcoming offering: The Strategic Bear Fund.

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