The Strategic Commodity Fund

Around the edges of the key inputs of the global economy resides significant opportunities. We look to harness them.

A confluence of multiple macro forces is at play in the commodity space:

Ongoing fiat currency debasement leads to rising valuations for real assets.

A global energy transition is well underway and the changes in the energy mix goes beyond the fossil fuels and battery materials spaces, with attractive supply and demand dynamics across the metals and REE spaces.

Our manufacturing model is in flux with a move to design by the atom and additive manufacturing set to gradually taking a larger role and many of our historic core manufacturing industries, like the auto industry, undergoing a paradigm change as it moves to Electrical Vehicles which use new materials and are comprised of fewer components with the battery and software increasingly the key inputs. The implications of these trends go beyond the factory floor and touches most of the commodity complex. Eventually the ‘Circular Economy’ based on recycling by design will play a larger role with even more pronounced implications for commodities and the nations that produce them.

Global demographics combined with a changing climate leads to higher demand for agricultural products, and the water embedded in them, with increasingly challenging conditions for those who produce them.

Across all these areas technological and systems innovation is being deployed to overcome challenges and build a better operational system for the global economy. Over time innovation, unleashed in key economic sectors, has proven to be the most consistently rewarding opportunity set for investors and societies stakeholders at large.

As the World navigates the path from the past model to the new there will be real winners and losers and plenty of volatility along the way, The Strategic Commodity Fund aims to harness these dynamics through an active bi-directional algorithmic approach. These strategies will be made available to Accredited Investors ONLY via our upcoming offering: The Strategic Commodity Fund.

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