The Strategic Funds Expands into Crypto Market with New Fund Launch

Dorado Beach, PR, May 6th, 2021 – The Strategic Funds, a diversified asset management holding company that engages in alternative investment strategies and proprietary investments in private equity, has expanded its footprint into the crypto market with the launch of a new Fund.

The new Fund will offer accredited investors exposure to a diversified portfolio of crypto assets, beyond just Bitcoin. By deploying a balanced allocation to the top 10 crypto tokens by market cap along with a quant-driven hedging algorithm for dynamic adjustments, as well as crypto asset and cash-based lending strategies, the Fund seeks the primary objective of delivering long-term capital growth at moderate levels of volatility relative to the asset class.

Expanding The Strategic Funds’ offerings into crypto assets reflects the firm’s belief in the future of the crypto market and that this asset class will continue to evolve rapidly, moving out of the shadows and into the mainstream. The new Fund’s operational strategy will tap into the formulating frameworks, improved transparency and risk controls surrounding this market with the long-term perspective that it is on the precipice of developing in a significant way.

“At Strategic Funds, we have always focused on identifying opportunities around the edges ahead of the herd, and we see the crypto market as one of those opportunities,” said Robb Rill, chairman of The Strategic Funds. “We developed this solution based on our ability to harness volatility via effective risk management and to offer a foothold in this fast-moving space. We believe in the future of the crypto market, particularly decentralized finance, and that investors can meaningfully invest in this asset for the long-term.”

The Fund will utilize an active trading strategy with a weekly rebalancing policy curated through data science techniques. It will be sub-advised by Invictus Capital Financial Technologies, which has built a specialty in the token-based crypto-asset trading space.

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The Strategic Group PR (“TSG”), founded in 2013 and based in Puerto Rico, is a diversified asset management holding company that engages in alternative investment strategies and proprietary investments in private equity including through Strategic Funding, LLC (“SFI”). The founders of TSG launched The Strategic Funds, LLC (“TSF”) in 2018 to offer certain curated alternative investment strategies to accredited, high-net worth individuals and institutions. These strategies are offered through Strategic Capital Advisors, LLC (“SCA”, a registered Commodity Trading Advisor) via managed accounts and Strategic Capital Fund Advisors, LLC (“SCFA,” an exempt private fund advisor) via private fund offerings. Our mission is to identify distinct strategies that are uncorrelated with major market indexes; to create efficient access for our investors; to support their understanding of the essentials of our strategies and how they can be accretive to their portfolios. For more information, please visit:

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