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Our strategies have risk/return profiles and volatility characteristics that are notably differentiated. Our proprietary ML/AI driven trading models have embedded risk management that is automatically deployed in response to changing levels of risk and on the flipside, automated to harness opportunity in volatility.

It’s our objective to provide our investors with predictable returns, reduced risk due to behavioral bias, attractive liquidity characteristics and diversification benefits. In doing so we know we will add material value to our investor’s broader portfolios as this approach enables us to efficiently generate attractive absolute returns that tend to be uncorrelated with traditional asset classes and that provide downside protection to traditional portfolios during times of crises.

Harness change with the law of large numbers.

Our research and strategy development team constantly work to harness the law of large numbers, we see the ability to diversify across trade signals and instruments in an unconstrained manner as one of the clearest strengths of quantitative investing.

With this adaptive approach we can identify a large volume of trades where the statistical probability of realizing profits from the trade is greater than the statistical probability of the trade making a loss according to the model deployed.

This process of identifying 100s of trades with even just a marginally attractive probability of being profitable we have the potential to generate positive returns at an aggregated level due to the law of large numbers as well as our intelligent use of leverage and our proprietary ‘Swarming’ component that enables us to exploit persistent and mean reverting price action at intervals inside the core daily positions. These short term ‘swarms’ also have the virtue of shorter holding periods and can reduce the portfolio volatility.

Lastly, as with all well-designed quant strategies our offerings rely on signals generated by computer models and as such has the effect of removing human emotion and behavioral biases from the trading process.


A bee society is a superorganism.

Their honeycomb is a masterclass in resilient building strategies,

The Power of the Swarm

These lessons have been applied in structural architecture and engineering,

The principles can also be used for the application of Al driven investment strategies.

Anti-fragility by design as well as the ability to focus the power of the swarm on key objectives is at the nucleus of our trading framework.

The Strategic Contrarian 500 Program is our flagship Algorithmic offering.

The C500 Overview:

The program seeks capital appreciation that is uncorrelated with the S&P 500 Index, the Barclay CTA Index, the U.S. Government Bond Index, and major hedge fund indices. The program trades exchange-listed futures contracts, which are taxed at more favorable rates than equities or fixed income securities.

  • We have been trading the C500 live since 2003, generating 8% annualized returns.
  • The program is focused on the S&P 500 stock index. The program has proven the ability to be profitable in both up and down markets.
  • It is a systematic program that employs multiple, automated models to take advantage of bullish and bearish market opportunities over short and intermediate time frames.
  • Risk controls include limits on market exposure, position-sizing using risk-parity, and diversification by sector and strategy.
  • This strategy is offered through Strategic Capital Advisors LLC (“SCA”, a registered Commodity Trading Advisor) via managed accounts and Strategic Capital Fund Advisors LLC (“SCFA”, an exempt private fund advisor) via a private fund offering and managed accounts.

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