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The Digital Asset Class AKA Crypto has come a long way in a short space of time. It has moved out of the shadows and into the mainstream. It has not been without its challenges but it has now taken the leap across the ‘Innovation Chasm’ and in doing so it has reached the next phase. We are at a tipping point. Accredited investors – private and institutional – have begun to take part, as the frameworks have improved and transparency and risk controls have begun to reach the standards they expect.

There is still much work to be done on the infrastructure and the landscape is still evolving. This is exciting as it means that there is still much opportunity to explore and harness by those who can see the forest for the trees and who have the ability to manage risk effectively. Discerning investors are always looking for able navigators to assist them in accessing emerging opportunities.

At Strategic Capital we have a trackrecord of identifying opportunities around the edges ahead of the herd and a proven ability for harnessing volatility via effective risk management. We have the solutions for investors looking to gain a foothold in this fast moving space. Peace of mind is our starting point and risk management is at the core of everything we do. The time is now for getting involved, and we are here to help.

Enter a new domain with experienced navigators

The digital asset sphere is an evolving and fast growing opportunity that is seeing increasing allocations from discerning investors – private and institutional.

Our team has monitored the space in order to develop and test a number of strategies built upon a foundation of our tried and tested risk management frameworks, and harnessing our extensive trading expertise across traditional asset classes.

We have established relationships with industry experts and experienced investment managers in the space in order to develop exclusive solutions based on institutional investor frameworks, but with the agility required to harness this rapidly growing opportuntity set. We have sourced the top service providers in the space from custody, prime broker, banking, legal and administrative solutions. With these building blocks in place we have a solid foundation to access this nascent asset class from.

We provide accredited investors with a secure and transparent way to access this key emerging opportunity.


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