Energy Trading

Energy Trading – Be on the right side of the unfolding energy transition…

We are set to launch our in-house Strategic Energy Trading Fund in Q1 2022. Our Energy Team is currently designing a set of strategies that will enable us to access and harness this unique opportunity set in this niche area for discerning investors. The Fund will be trading in securities like electricity & natural gas contracts and financial transmission rights. The deployment of such strategies requires knowledge of the specific markets and the related infrastructure markets – at regional, national and global levels. Our team brings such understanding to the table. The strategy is targeting higher returns and minimal correlation with traditional market indices. Please note that the Fund will be for Accredited Investors only and that due to the capacity limits of this strategy, we will only be able to accept limited investor participation in the Fund. As such we encourage you to express an interest to our Investor Relations Team as soon as possible. That way we can discuss the opportunity with you in more detail and secure participation for you.
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